About Deposit Solutions GmbH

Deposit Solutions is a leading European Fintech company that is revolutionizing the value chain for savers and banks within Europe.

The company's open architecture allows European banks to gather retail deposits from across Europe without facing the need to build their own retail infrastructure. In addition, other European banks who hold an excess of liquidity can release it by offering third party deposit products to their own clients, this without facing the risk of losing them. The final beneficiaries are the savers who can have access to best-in-class interest rates without switching their current bank.

Deposit Solutions has a proven track record of working with top European banks and have already mediated deposits in excess of 1 billion euros. To continue its expansion, the company counts with more than 90 highly motivated employees which are led by seasoned professionals in the fields of finance and technology. Currently, the company is backed by renowned European and US investors such as Peter Thiel, e.ventures and FinLab AG.

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